October 14, 2010


Calling all my TLC FANS!! As you all know, I'll be in Washington the second week of November to help out with the "Marriage Material" play. I would like to show our girls we as fans still have nothing but love for them, and support everything they do! I'm calling on you now, the fans! Lets make something out of this world for our girls! I'm asking all the fans to record a video using a camera, video camera, or webcam (please no YouTube video's) singing along to Waterfalls. All the video's will be put together and merged into one video showing love to the girls. It doesn't end there! Send another video of yourself, explaining your "TLC FAN STORY" for the "Fan Talk" section. I plan to make the best DVD for the girls (and Lisa's Family) showing the unconditional love, and the CrazySexyCool side of us, the fans! You can also include pictures, drawings, poems, graphics, audio, and any video you'd like! Just make sure its YOUR video, and you send it directly to NhP2MediaInc@GMAIL.COM - Please, no links. All material submitted will be included in this DVD, and must have no copyright attached. Anything submitted may end up online, so please keep it friendly enough for everyone to see. The deadline for this project is November 10th so make sure you send it in now!!

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