November 29, 2010

TLC: Past \ Present / Future

The New TLC Fansite "TLC Past Present & Future : Celebrating 20 Years of TLC
I can't believe its going to be 20 years that I've been in love with the #1 selling R&B Girl Group of all time, TLC. They have accomplished so much in 20 years and in honor of the girls, the fans, and all the accomplishments, I've decided to create the "Complete TLC Archive" including everything TLC. In a press statement released over the weekend I went on to explain what exactly the TLC fans have to look forward to next March.
" TLC has been a huge impact on the lives of so many people, including some of the biggest stars out right now. They have been in the game for 20 years coming 2011, and what better way to show love and support to the girls and fans how much they've affected our lives than by opening up a complete TLC Archive documenting all the accomplishments they've achieved in the past 20 years. The site will include 3 different sites in one. That's something no fan site has ever been able to do. The sections will be "Past" which will include all the archive material, audio, interviews, photo gallery, downloads, and much more. "Present" will include all the recent news, photos, and live breaking news including anything going on that week. This section will be updated the most. The third section will be "Future" which will include any upcoming projects, news, etc. This is the section you'll go to check out any upcoming news or events the girls have set up for later dates. It's going to be amazing. I'm pretty sure T-Boz, Chilli, and the Lopes family will be excited to see the finished project. It will take them down memory lane, including everything they have ever done. 

Chilli went on Twitter saying " the big 20 is next year...gonna do sum special things " so I'm sure the girls have some events or projects coming up. You'll get all the upcoming events and more at TLC:PPF coming March 2011

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  1. thats amazing.......thats why i tell sum people, don't compare destiny's child towards TLC......for what?
    sum say well DC have a (walk of fame)star in Hollywood and TLC don't.
    well in the case destiny's child not even the spice girls have a diamond statics on their planet.........still to this day not even female groups overseas in other countries have that statics......right now. TLC has also beat out solo artist with they r&b album....the best r&B album in us history.......o my ( thats what u call legends