December 28, 2010

TLC to Tour for 20th Anniversary?

When I spoke with Chilli yesterday she didn't confirm nor deny the fact that she and T-Boz may tour for the upcoming 20 year anniversary of TLC. She did however say she would keep me posted as to what is in fact  going down. If anything happens, you'll read about it here first!

In a recent interview held with Billboard Online, Chilli went on to say:
Chilli says she has a couple of other plans in place for the new year, including the celebration of TLC's 20th anniversary. Although everything is still in its preliminary stages, she says she and TLC member T-Boz plan on doing "something special for our fans all over in the States. We just want to map out different places to go and have our 20 year anniversary performances."

So there you have it. They are, in fact going to be doing some sort of performance (possibly a mini-tour) for the big 2-0 anniversary!!

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  1. What about the uk???? Please tell them to come to the uk