December 30, 2010

What Nathan Suggests: Music You Must Have

I would like to suggest an album that some people may have over-looked for what ever reason. Lisa Left-Eye Lopes : Supernova. Every song on that CD has a positive, upbeat, fun sound, that allows you into the world of Left-Eye. The CD was never officially released in the states before Lisa passed, but isn't that hard to find online, or even at your local record store. Supernova has 13 songs (some had 14) that can make you dance, laugh, and cry. With songs like "Block Party" "Hot" and "Jenny" you will find youself getting up to dance and have a good time. "Let Me Live" "Rags 2 Riches" and "A New Star Is Born" will allow you to get inside Lisa's world and learn more about her. "Head To The Sky" and "Uneversial Quest" will get you into your spiritual side. Every song is a MUST hear in my opinion, and you can get your copy by clicking the image below!

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