February 16, 2011


It's not often we jump in on the gossip bandwagon when it comes to TLC (considering I get the news straight from the source) but this one has to be addressed. I'm not one to talk about Chilli's personal life, but this one is way too much for us to deal with. Chilli is a FAN of his music, and supports him musically, but there has never been a 'love' interest in those two. El Debarge has never kept his pas drug history a secret, and has since been clean from that life style. All I have to say is, everyone has to make a penny somehow. 


  1. i'm glad they are clearing the air. Chilli needs to post this on twitter becuz this bullshit is getting out of hand.the worst thing is people are believing it. I saw lost of comments on this and one stuck out to me. it seems like its someone who has been around them starting rumors and telling these lies..man u got to watch who u associate with. just like u said somebody trying to make a penny somewhere. i will post that person comment for ya.

  2. here is comment from SR(sandra rose)when she was hating on Chilli hard.. before all this shit hit the fan. I bet this is the person who started the rumors its gotta be from el camp he has shady as people surrounding him so whoever been giving her attitude just becuz she hanging with him read below to see this bs....

    oooooh a Chili post lolll…I see her a lot and she is one of thee most annoying people i’ve come across..I don’t know why she has that show when she’s already dating someone..El Debarge is Chili’s new man..ask me how I know lmao..where ever El goes Chili is right there with him..these reality shows are about the money..Wait and see..El has a new reality show out.I bet he introduces her as his girl on that show..

  3. To be honest, I'm surprise that ANYONE believe this shit. I mean, REALLY? Come on...