June 21, 2011

Too Faced Lip Injection Review

What it says on the box:
Lip Injection Extreme is a lip plumping serum that gives long term results based on four of the most scientifically proven and advanced lip plumping technologies(marine sponge, collagen booster, instant blood vessel dilators, botanical cocktail of avocado oil and jojoba). Increase lip volume and maintain plumpness with continued use!
This serum is to be used in the morning and evening along with your normal skin care routine. Apply a generous amount of Lip Injection Extreme on clean dry lips. Wait one minute before applying lip color or balm to allow the unique formula to penetrate your lips.
For maximum long term results, use for a minimum of 30 days - am and pm.

What Nathan Histed Thinks:
I've had this product for a little more then a week, after a girl at work introduced it to me. Her lips were full and very big. Being the out-spoken person I am, asked her where she got her lips done, and she told me Alta so instantly I got excited. I've always wanted to get my lips a bit fuller. My bottom lip wasn't the problem, it was the tip lip. So, after she showed me the product I knew I had to have it. I went to get the product, which cost's $28 (retail) and began to use it right away. From the first application, you feel a very uncomfortable burning/tingling sensation on your lips. It tells you to keep the product on your lips only, and I understand why. I let a few friends of mine use it as well, and it worked best on my friend Krista. Within 5 minutes her lips were huge. I really enjoy this product, it does everything it says it will do. The only down fall for me is that it is a glossy product, so being a guy, I have to apply this before I leave for work in the morning, let it sit for about 10 minutes, then dab it off with a paper towel still leaving some of the product, and less shine. I'll keep up with the process as I continue to use this product. It says for best results continue use for 30 days.

Cost: 3/5
Application Time: 5/5
Overall Satisfaction:

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