August 3, 2011

New STUNNING Picture of @BozBizz and @OfficialChilli in #EssenceMagazine

Everyone needs to go and pick up the August issue of Essence Magazine and turn to page 114 NOW!
It features a flash back of the hottest groups/singers of the 90's and let me tell you, T-Boz and Chilli look HOT! It's almost a breath-taking picture of the girls. We're not feeling the model in the middle, but it wasn't just for this photo shoot, every featured artist has a "flashback" model in the shoot. 

Seriously one of the hottest picture's of T-Boz HANDS DOWN!

HQ scan after the jump

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  1. TIMELESS BEAUTY!!!!!!!!!!!!! TLC 4EVER LONG LIVE LISA LOPES!!!!!!!!!!!!