October 9, 2011

This is just UNREAL!

What you're seeing isn't just a black and white photograph of Lady GaGa - It's actually a hand drawn picture with the only help from a pencil. Now, Many people may say, "Yeah, it's really good, but why make a topic of this?" Well the girl who drew this amazing life like drawing, is only 18 years old. When she first started drawing, Rajacenna would complete one of her pieces in about 20 minutes, but the more her skills improved the longer it took her to finish her increasingly detailed masterpieces. Now, finishing a single drawing can take around 40 hours or more. This is one of the reasons why the young talented artist is currently on a break from drawing. On her Deviant page it says she has worked really hard in the past year and her left hand needed some rest, but she will start work on some new drawings soon, and she says her skills have improved a lot since she last posted videos of herself “in action”. Not much more room for improvement, if you ask me, but then again, I’m not an artist.
If you're interested in seeing other drawing from this VERY young talented artist, you can view others, plus 2 amazing video's after the jump!


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  1. she's amazing!! drawing as real as this is like my goal. as i draw portraits myself i gotta say the best thing about this probably is her hair and the glove. its just amazing i look up to this soooo much